Innovation As A Service (IAAS)

Workshop Learning Session: Culture and Mindset Creation through Practical Insights

Event Details

Date: 26.06.2024

Time: 16:00 CET

Duration: 90 minutes

Location: Virtual








Struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation in your industry?

Discover how the strategic service can revolutionize your approach to innovation.

You’re not alone. With only 6% of leaders satisfied with their innovation outcomes, the need for a fresh approach is evident.

Join us as we delve into the groundbreaking concept of Innovation As A Service (IAAS), inspired by the insights of Andrew Grove in “Only the Paranoid Will Survive“.

What to expect from the workshop

Introduction to the IAAS model:

Why, How, and What, presented by Gerard Scheenstra.

Drawing from his extensive practical experience since 1986, Gerard will provide insights rooted in agnostic thinking and evidence-based innovation success dimensions. He’ll emphasize the critical role of an IAAS culture in driving innovation strategies, with a favorite mantra:

“Without an IAAS culture, your innovation strategy will be devoured by breakfast”.

Gain a deeper understanding of innovation:

Explore the core definition of innovation and its essential ingredients, with a focus on creating, developing, and implementing ideas that enhance efficiency, solve problems, and meet societal needs. Learn how creativity, ingenuity, and fresh perspectives can catalyze significant changes across various domains, including technology, business, science, education, and the arts. 

Expert insights and experiences:

Hear firsthand from our panel of experienced experts, share personal anecdotes, challenges, and successes in navigating the innovation landscape.

Interactive Q&A session:

Engage with our panelists and fellow participants by submitting your burning questions before the workshop.

We’ll also address live queries during the session, ensuring a dynamic and informative exchange.

Wrap-up and takeaways:

Conclude the workshop with a synthesis of key learnings and actionable insights to integrate innovation seamlessly into your business strategy.

Our Experts

Gerard Scheenstra

Futurist | Coach | Consultant | Change Agent

Bart Verheijen

Knowledge Management | Entrepreneur | Lecturer | IT

Keith Finglas

Project Manager | Coach | Consultant

Oliver Morbach

Innovation Mentor | Positive Impact Creator

Thorsten A. Brysch

Exponential Transformation Growth | Scaling Consultant

Regina Jaslow

CEO | Founder |
Board Member

Claudio Dipolitto

Sustainable Prosperity Mentor

Michael Friebe

Serial Entrepreneur | Healthtech Researcher

Niels Besier

Innovation | Design Thinking | Lean Startup

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